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Tweet, Tweet! (6/26): NBA Draft, NFL Lockout, Cardinals QB, Bathrooms and Motel 6

We are back with the Twitter post of the week, showing a snippet of of the Arizona Cardinals have been tweeting. Today, he have Robert Housler, whose Twitter account I was able to confirm through Ryan Williams. Some of the regulars (Darnell Dockett and Steve Breaston) are featured, and a couple of perhaps former Cardinals have good tweets.

As for last week, John Skelton had the favorite tweet of the week about Terrelle Pryor:

I think T Pryor made more money then me last year. And his was all tax free. Grease those palms.

Hit the jump for this week's best tweets and vote for your favorite.

Safety Hamza Abdullah (@HamzaAbdullah21) tweeted this after the NBA Draft on Thursday (something I agree with wholeheartedly):

NFL DRAFT > nba draft

Draft pick Robert Housler (@House81) reacted to the length of the NFL lockout:

#lockout day 100--dammmmmm

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett) answers a follwer's question:

RT @D_MED: @ddockett Who plays QB for Cards this year?---- DREW BREES

Trumaine McBride (@TruMcBride) shares a rule he believes in when it comes to the bathroom:

Tru's RESTROOM RULE #1 - There should be a min. of 1 urinal between each person. If the min. # isn't available, use the toilet.

Steve Breaston (@SBreaston15) retweets this:

RT @WaltNew: Motel 6 brings to mind drug deals, prostitution, and divorce. Kind of a dark place...but the lights are on.

There you go! Vote for your favorite, or even share one that was not featured in the comments.