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NFL Lockout: Arizona Cardinals Players Planning Minicamp

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News has come out from Kent Somers that our beloved Arizona Cardinals players are trying to put together a player "minicamp" that would be something similar to the OTA's (Organized Team Activities) that were skipped this year due to the lockout. Where it would be held is up in the air, but hit the jump to find out who is working on putting this together and what player would be more than likely opposed to attending.

When a football team keeps veterans under contract, not only are they expected to perform at a high level, but their leadership skills come into play just as much. In our case, Adrian Wilson and Larry Fitzgerald have always been leaders on this team.

The two team captains are not the only ones who are at the vanguard of this movement, however. While the team had some workouts in Scottsdale recently, offensive linemen Levi Brown and Jeremy Bridges approached Wilson and Fitzgerald with the idea. As Somers states, "it seems to have some momentum." 

In terms of possible locations to hold the minicamp, the Valley is an option, while Minneapolis, Minnesota has also come into play. As we know, Larry often holds workouts up there that players from all around the NFL attend and he has access to facilities that the team would be able to use. Fitzgerald, as Somers states, could also house some people in his home in case they do not have money for a hotel. 

There is one player who is a resident here in Arizona that, in all likelihood, would not attend these workouts. No, he is not a member of the Arizona Cardinals organization, but he has been linked to the team. Donovan McNabb thinks that players are putting these workouts together as some sort of, "media blast." 

His interview was mostly about his position in Washington and his opinion on other players, but the real gold nugget came when he said players are doing these workouts for show. He said it is a time to spend with your teammates, but some things have been televised (think New Orleans) and McNabb believes that they should keep these workouts private.

I think the players should be allowed to televise their workouts if they want, but I agree with McNabb that some of them are making this into a media show. However, I would rather have them do that than do nothing at all. I hope that the Cardinals leaders get this camp together and put it in motion. 

What is your opinion Cardinals fans? Is it all for show or are these workouts truly sincere?

Are you happy that our veterans are putting this all together?