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No Need To Fret About Arizona Cardinals, Tickets And State Legislators

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Well, if you read the headline, let me need to fret about the Cardinals. The Arizona Republic reported Sunday that the Arizona Cardinals gave state lawmakers free game tickets between 2006 and 2009. The Fiesta Bowl had been doing the same thing, trying to win favor among lawmakers. The Cardinals and the Fiesta Bowl have long been adversaries in stadium issues and the Fiesta Bowl usually got the upperhand.

So, the Cardinals began bringing legislators to games for free, but this is causing some issues because some legislators have not reported such "gifts."

Now, it is important to note that the Cardinals are not doing anything wrong. It is within the law to do this, as long as it is done fairly and offered to the group. While they did not have any legislation that would benefit the team at the time, it is a common practice everywhere.

Wining and dining happens in the business world all the time. In fact, this is all that this is.

It is not a Cardinals issue, it is a legislator issue if they did not do their reporting as they should have. In business, this sort of thing happens everywhere. It even is common in government (who hasn't heard of lobbying).

So before there are hard feelings, note that the Cardinals are a private business and did not use public money for legislative gifts, as it happened with the Fiesta Bowl. If we are to be upset at the situation, it should be for the dishonesty or simple oversight of our elected leaders.

If this report had come out at any time other than right after the Fiesta Bowl scandal , we would not eve bat an eye. The only reason this is an issue that comes on the heels of corruption, lying and covering up.