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6-27-11: Bird Droppings - Fitz In The Top 100

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Todays news includes links on Fitz making the top 100 list and Sando taking a look at how the loss to Carolina last season shows that we have more problems than just not having a Quarterback.

Arizona Cardinals News

Word From the Birds Blog - It’s official: Fitz lands at No. 14
I know many people were wondering, but wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald finally landed on the NFL Network’s Top 100 current players at No. 14. I think that speaks to how well Fitz is respected around the league, especially since the Cards had a down year last season. Not shockingly, the presenter for Fitz’s video segment was Chiefs head coach and former Cards offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who developed a special bond with Fitz during Haley’s two seasons in Arizona.

Where Cardinals' problems start, not end - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A potentially embarrassing confession: I spent a good chunk of my Sunday night taking a closer look at the Arizona Cardinals' forgettable, regrettable 19-12 defeat at Carolina in Week 15 last season. The seemingly dreary experience beat just about anything this NFL offseason has offered up since the draft. Watching football is fun. Watching bad football is more fun than watching a lockout. Enduring this particular matchup made sense for me because it was the one Arizona game I hadn't yet charted from last season. The takeaway: While fixing the quarterback situation would do more for the Cardinals than any other single move the team could make this offseason, watching Arizona against Carolina served as a reminder that the team's problems do not end with the man behind center.

NFL Videos: Top 100: Larry Fitzgerald
Chiefs coach Todd Haley presents the 14th-best player of 2011, Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald.

Arizona Sports News:

Detroit Tigers score 7 runs in 8th to beat Diamondbacks
The sting of Sunday's game hadn't yet faded, but Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson was trying to keep things in perspective, focusing not on the seven-run eighth-inning, Level 5 disaster that led to an 8-3 loss, but on the preceding five days of an altogether solid road trip.

Three interested in buying Coyotes -
The city of Phoenix and the National Hockey League are now talking to three groups about purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes.

Arizona teams offering politicians free tickets -
Getting free tickets to a sporting event is always a nice thing. A lot of times someone will give you a few complimentary seats they can't use in hopes that you'll return the favor in the future. This quid pro quo relationship is usually beneficial to all parties involved. The Arizona Cardinals have apparently partaken in a similar method, but instead of giving tickets to their friends, they gave them to politicians in hopes they'd help them out down the road (and we thought the Cards didn't like anything about the Fiesta Bowl). According to the Arizona Republic the Cardinals partook in the practice from 2006-2009.

NFL News:

Lockout: NFLPA, attorneys reportedly meeting on own - ESPN
As the two sides in the NFL labor dispute work toward ending the lockout, a small group of players met Monday with their attorneys in Minneapolis.

Sources: Wide receiver Terrell Owens had surgery to repair torn ACL - ESPN
Terrell Owens has undergone surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in one of his knees following a previously undisclosed injury this offseason, according to sources familiar with the injury.