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Hamza Abdullah Helping Out In His Hometown

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the community Hamza!
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Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the community Hamza! via

Arizona Cardinals players have always been known for lending a helping hand in communities around the country. Hamza Abdullah, a safety for the Arizona Cardinals, has decided to start doing some work with his brother Husain in the city of Pomona, California.

To find out what the two did for their community, hit the jump.

Hamza and Husain decided to put on a free football camp for youths between the ages of 10-18 earlier this month. On June 11, over 200 kids showed up to the first annual Hamza and Husain Abdullah Rising Stars Youth Football Camp. It's a mouthful, I know, but it is a great motivator for kids and it teaches them football skills at the same time.

Sponsors donated time, money and resources to get this one-day event going. In a city like Pomona, gang violence can become a part of people's lives, so putting on a football camp like this really helps to discourage that and add positivity to the community. I also like hearing that it was in Pomona, for I lived right outside of that city many years ago. 

Stories like this are always great to hear and it is also enlightening to know that the Abdullah brothers, especially Hamza, are making good use of their time during the lockout. It is also good to hear that Hamza and Husain were able to gather up a group of sponsors that were willing to aid the cause with their resources. 

The Abdullah's want to put this camp on annually and I hope that they are able to continue garnering interest and donors. So thank you, Hamza, for representing the Arizona Cardinals with a great cause.