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NFL Rumors: So Marc Bulger Wants To Start Now?

In the offseason of quarterback speculation, name after name has been connected to the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, the same names keep coming up and disappearing. Marc Bulger is one of these names and has been on-again, off-again in rumors. Now, it appears that he is perhaps on-again with the possibility of being Arizona's 2011 starting quarterback. 

Kurt Warner suggested that Bulger had lost his competitive drive and would be content being a backup. Also, there were reportedly issues with moving his family. However, now, according to a report by Len Pasquarelli refutes this notion he is ready to just sit back and collect an NFL paycheck riding the pine. He writes:

But people close to the 34-year-old Bulger, whose father was an old high school classmate of yours truly, took some umbrage at Warner's remarks.

"He still has the fire to play," said one member of the Bulger camp. "Last year, when he didn't get off the bench [in Baltimore], it wasn't like he got completely cozy with being the No. 2 guy. The situation, though, will have to be the right one."

Do we throw his hat back into the speculative ring? Who knows? It actually doesn't sound any different. He is saying the situation would have to be the right one...meaning he is cool with what he is doing. Or by saying the situation has to be right, he really means "I'd start if they paid me enough."

At this point, he is likely a possibility when the lockout ends, but I honestly think based on things that have been said by Ken Whisenhunt that Bulger is not number one. Could he end up in Arizona? Certainly. However, if I had to guess where he falls on the Cards' list, he would be about number three behind Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton