DRC vs. Ike Taylor Debate

As already talked about and reported, the Cardinals could look at trading DRC to the Eagles for a "possible" long term solution at one of our weakest positions quarterback. There are those of us that say no and those of us that are screaming to pull the trigger as fast as humanly possible.

Well today another scenario was added into the mix making things as clear as mud. That being Pittsburgh Steelers free agent Ike Taylor. If the Cardinals were to pursue Ike Taylor and trade DRC to the Eagles for Kolb, how would you feel about this? Ike Taylor has worked extensively with Ray Horton, is an experienced leader and role model and has the toughness Whiz is looking for in his Steelers West defense. However we all know what DRC can do when he's playing at a pro-bowl level.

The major glaring difference between DRC and Taylor is that DRC is better in pass protection where as Taylor is not so much.

If the Cardinals were to pursue this, do you think this would be a poor move or an upgrade from DRC

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