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NFL Lockout News: Goodell, Smith Together For Talks And Rookie Symposium

As the NFL lockout continues, there are some more signs of good things coming. First, the players and owners committed to four straight days of negotiations. On Tuesday, players representative DeMaurice Smith, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and lawyers met in talks, but it was described by reporter Albert Breer as just "part of the process." He reports that progress has been made with the revenue split, but that the rookie salary issue has been difficult, as negotiations go. 

However, if there is anything symbolic that we can find as a positive, it is the seemingly more cordial relationship that Goodell and Smith are having.

Both are set to be in Florida together on Wednesday to go to the players organized rookie symposium. The league would typically have held there own, but due to the lockout it was canceled. The players decoded to organize their own and present the same type of information. 

According to reports, Goodell will address the players on Wednesday, and it was at the request of Smith. One can only see this as a positive because the leaders of both parties involved are working together, even though it would seem that the contact that Goodell will have would violate lockout protocol. But the fact that Goodell would do something for Smith tells us that there has been some restored faith.

They are set to return to Minnesota for more talks later in the day Wednesday. Hopefully these positive signs can translate to progress and a new CBA in the near future.