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Poll: What Would You Give Up To Acquire Kevin Kolb?

IN what may seem like the 100th time we have asked this question, we want to know now what you would be willing to give up to acquire Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles. This time it is only about the polarizing Kevin Kolb, the guy that many believe are at the top of the Cardinals' QB list. In general, among the active members, there is an anti-Kolb sentiment. However, the poll voters who pass by and read articles but are not active commenters seem to favor Kolb.

The rumors have been frequent. Here are some we have seen:

  1. Kolb for draft picks -- a first round pick and another
  2. Kolb for draft picks -- multiple, but not a first rounder
  3. Kolb for a first round pick and a player
  4. Kolb for a player straight up, such as Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Did I miss any? Anyway, vote in the poll and comment away.

I am personally a Kolb fan and want to see him here. I think he will be a great player and is thus worth whatever price the team has to pay. I do, though, understand all the other opinions out there. I like how he has performed at a high level already. I love that he has the tools. I love that his teammates love him. I love the leadership skills and the fact that he is a gym rat and film nut. Oh, I also love that he said the word "turd" with the press.

Have at it. Let us wee what our Redbird Nation feels is worth paying.