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Offseason Workout Videos, Steve Breaston Mocking Calais Campbell (Again)

About the only thing that our Arizona Cardinals players can do these days is work out because of the 100+ day NFL lockout (that hopefully is in its final days). Luckily for us, Steve Breaston is a big fan of playing with his video camera. Remember when he openly mocked defensive end Calais Campbell for saying he could make it in the NBA? Well, the other day he was at it again. He gives us some laughs at CC's expense. 

Also, you get to see how much of a beast that Adrian Wilson and his backup Rashad Johnson  are with the squat rack. Oh, and Stevie Phantom is there, too, but with 90 lbs less. (Edit- Breaston messaged me and told me of another video I missed and he did the same weight as the other two) Hit the jump for the videos.

To start, here is A-Dub, followed by Johnson, who Wilson (per a tweet) says is ready for a "monster year." (I think that it was 510 lbs they squat on the heaviest rep.

Johnson video (only a link, the embed code was bad)

Now Breaston (a "measly" 420 lbs...and, again, only a link)

And now, for a late addition -- Breaston beasting the 520 lbs. This prompted Dub to tweet what most of us feel -- "please re-sign him."

Now for the CC mocking (on the kiddie hurdles)

(Funny note: Wilson thought Breaston said "titty hurdles")