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DirecTV Showing Some NFL Lockout Mercy

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In lieu of the ongoing NFL lockout, one company connected to the NFL is not trying to fleece its customers, as least not yet. Even though many NFL teams are already expecting payment for 2011 season tickets, DirecTV is taking the only road that should be taken with the uncertainty of the 2011 NFL season.

For all current subscribers and anybody new who signs up for it, the satellite TV company has stated, "[t]here will be absolutely no charge for your NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscription until it is confirmed that the 2011 NFL season will begin."

How generous of DirecTV. I do give them credit. Other companies might just take the money, sit on it while earning interest and then refund it in case part or all the season were lost. I honestly, though, would expect nothing different.

Unfortunately for DirecTV, even with the offering of goodwill, due to fan frustration, they will likely see a decline in subscriptions, at least based on an unscientific sample of user comments at Pro Football Talk. 

So, take it how you like, you get to bank your money for a bit if you already are a subscriber. If you are not, you could get on board. I won't. I don't have enough Sunday to watch all the games.