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2011 NFL Free Agency: How About Takeo Spikes In Cardinals Red?

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I know the NFL lockout continues and that this is pure speculation, but having run across ratings for free agent linebackers, I thought that it was worth throwing a name out there. The linebacking corp is an are of need for the Cardinals, and one could argue that there is at both inside and outside linebacker. With Paris Lenon, Daryl Washington and draftee Quan Sturdivant (and Gerald Hayes likely to be released at some point), there is youth and a little depth. However, despite the surprising production from Lenon in 2010, there are many here in the community who believe he should be nothing more than a depth guy. 

Since Lenon is better suited playing in a reserve role and Sturdivant never having played a down in the NFL, another player, perhaps a physical veteran, would be a great fit.

One guy who is a free agent is Takeo Spikes, coming of off seasons in San Francisco. He is 34 years old, but his production the past three years suggests that he is not yet over the hill. Unlike Joey Porter who was a season removed from a very good season, Spikes logged 109 tackles, picked off three passes and is considered "the best run-stopper in this (free agent) class."

Yes, he was playing next to Patrick Willis, considered my most (myself included) the best linebacker in the game, but his ability to stop the run and play in coverage seem like a perfect fit in Arizona and a guy who could show Washington and Sturdivant the way to domination.

Would his past as a bitter rival matter to you? Do you think he would be a good fit? I happen to think that he is the perfect player to produce now, for the short-term and provide a veteran presence for the youth on the team. Does Arizona even stand a chance at signing him?

Let the debate begin.