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Chad Ochocinco Weighs In On Carson Palmer's Decision

During this offseason (and even in the regular season once we got tired of Derek Anderson after week one) we have touched on every possible quarterback that could be coming to Arizona next season. Whether it is Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton or (insert name here), any signal caller would presumably be an upgrade over the disaster we were left with in the 2010 season. 

The wheel will keep on spinning until the issue can be resolved, but now we are hearing from the always outspoken Chad Ochocinco about the Carson Palmer situation. Ochocinco decided to give a few quotes to a Cincinnati TV news station about Palmer, which found amusing enough to put on their website.

To see what Ochocinco said, hit the jump.

When asked about how serious Carson Palmer was about retiring if he did not get traded or released, Chad Ochocinco had this to say: 

"There's this one thing you have to understand about Carson. When a guy that grows a random beard says he's going to do something, he means it." 

Ochocinco also goes on to compare the relationship between himself and Carson to a, "marriage." He gives Carson all the credit in the world for giving him his success. Obviously, it seems that Chad would love Palmer to stay in Cincinnati, which says a lot about what Palmer brings to the table in terms of play and leadership. However, after closing the deal on his home, it seems Carson is intent on retiring if Bengals owner Mike Brown does not trade him. 

The odd thing about Chad Ochocinco saying all of this is that he may not even be back with the Bengals when the new season begins. Since he is owed $6 million and Palmer is unlikely to return, Cincinnati may be looking at a complete rebuild of their team, while letting their veterans find homes elsewhere. 

Whether Mike Brown finally relents is yet to be seen, but you can bet on it that he will be receiving plenty of calls if he decides he wants to trade Carson Palmer. One of those calls will undoubtedly be coming from Arizona.