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NFL Rumors: Kevin Kolb For Daryl Washington?

As if there weren't enough speculation going around about Kevin Kolb and potentially being the next starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, now there another that just seemed to come out of nowhere. First the rumors involved draft picks. Then it was a pick and a player. Now it is a player. Recently it was Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Now, the latest name thrown out there as a possibility to go to the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire the oft-mentioned quarterback is second-year linebacker Daryl Washington

His name came up in an Adam Caplan mailbag column for, responding to a question about a trade of Kolb for DRC, and he said this about Washington:

It would surprise me if the Cardinals were willing to trade DRC. Instead, if they do acquire Kolb from the Eagles, my sense is they'll wind up giving up a draft pick for next year or a future pick and another player. Matching up the player with the Eagles' needs is a big issue. The Cardinals simply aren't deep at many positions, but a player who could interest the Eagles based on need is linebacker Daryl Washington. He would be capable of playing in the middle or on the weak-side in the Eagles' 4-3 defensive scheme.

Before the outrage starts, note that this is simply some speculation about a player that would fill a need in Philadelphia. Honestly, I do not see any scenario in which this trade happens. The only reason DRC even is a possibility is because the Cardinals have supposed depth at cornerback. At linebacker, particularly on the inside, there is no such depth. Plus, Washington looks like he is going to turn out to be a very, very good player, and it looks pretty certain. 

Outside of Caplan putting Washington's name out there as perhaps a possible match, I have not seen it anywhere else. There is no substance to this. 

So put the pitchforks and torches away. Let the blood pressure come down. This is not even a rumor -- it is thinking out loud.