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6-30-11: Bird Droppings - Fitz's Workouts, Peterson's Weight

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Time for todays links. This time, we get a little video from ESPN on the workouts Fitz is running in Minnesota with Cris Carter, Peterson's plans to lose some weight before the season starts, and more.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Video: Larry Fitzgerald with Cris Carter - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Player-organized workouts would be much better with actual NFL coaches offering input. The Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald realized this when he reached out to his former position coach, Jerry Sullivan, who was most recently with the San Francisco 49ers. Sullivan has joined Cris Carter and others in helping Fitzgerald and various players at the workouts Fitzgerald is organizing this offseason. Fitzgerald puts together such camps each offseason. This one takes on more significance than others because the lockout is preventing players from preparing at their teams' facilities. Fitzgerald and Carter addressed these and other issues in the video that follows.

Word From the Birds Blog - Peterson gets the weighty message
Back when he showed up at the Cards’ complex for his introductory press conference, first-round draft pick Patrick Peterson spent a good 30 minutes beforehand talking with strength and conditioning coach John Lott. Lott, who knew his time with the top rookie was going to be severely limited this offseason, used the time to get out all the advice he’d normally deliver over a period of weeks. Maybe that impacted Peterson, maybe not. Talking on "Chuck and Vince Live" this morning on The Fan 1060 AM, however, Peterson has trimmed some weight off his 220-pound frame and said he’d like to start off his NFL career between around 210 or 212 pounds.

Campbell, Cardinals motivated -
While NFL players await the end of the lockout, Cardinals defensive tackle Calais Campbell is working hard and preparing for what may be a career year.

Looking At The Offensive Line
The Cardinals drafted Levi Brown to be the anchor of their offensive line. As 2011 approaches, Brown hasn’t been the dominant tackle everyone hoped he would be. But he is still the anchor, both in position -- over at left tackle – and in circumstance. Other than quarterback, no position remains in greater flux because of the in-limbo offseason than the offensive line. Four of the five starters from 2010 don’t yet have a contract for the upcoming season, with Brown the only one remaining. Left guard Alan Faneca retired. Right tackle Brandon Keith has only three seasons in the NFL, but center Lyle Sendlein has four and right guard Deuce Lutui five, so depending on whatever free-agent rules come out of any new labor agreement, the Cards have to find a way to put the pieces together for the unit.

Big Red Post-Lockout Plan -
The lockout is on its last legs. Training camps are set to open at the end of July and things appear to be going well between owners and players. All signs point to a deal getting done before July 15 and I don't think all the lawyers in the league could derail a settlement from happening now. Soon the lockout will be lifted and teams will be allowed to make trades and sign free-agents. The NFL will be open for business.

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt may be relocating -
Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is going to be relocating soon. Don't worry, he's not being relieved of his duties with the team after a 5-11 season. He's not quitting either (although we wouldn't blame him after having to deal with Derek Anderson all year). With that said, he'll still be packing his bags and moving soon. That's because the coach is selling his Chandler home for quite the handsome sum. According to the site,, Whisenhunt and his wife placed their five-bedroom, 3.5 bath home on the market for the asking price of $1.3 million.

Andre Johnson is better than Larry Fitzgerald? -
Is Larry Fitzgerald the best receiver in the NFL? Not when you pose the question to fans across the United States. That's exactly what is doing as the site has asked fans who the best receiver in the game is right now with Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, DeSean Jackson and Roddy White. With over 5,000 people voting so far the Cardinals Pro Bowl wideout is in second place but trailing Johnson by a sizable amount.

Word From the Birds Blog - Hero in our midst
So it began, while gathered for an offseason potluck up here at our third-floor outpost, with Rolando Cantu letting us know his beloved family dog Blackie had recently passed away. It turned out to be a story about a lot more.

Cardinals "worst moments" unveiled Thursday | ProFootballTalk
As we continue to make our way through the teams that have yet to enjoy an analysis of their worst moments since the last work stoppage, we turn to a team whose existence was pretty much a continuous worst moment from the time Harry Truman was president until 2008.

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks rely on bullpen in loss vs. Cleveland Indians
In Wednesday's 6-2 loss against the Indians at Chase Field, the Diamondbacks had to rely early on their struggling bullpen, after starting pitcher Zach Duke allowed four earned runs and was pulled in the fifth inning. The Diamondbacks used five relievers, including Yhency Brazoban and Alberto Castillo, whom were called up from the minors on Monday.

Report: Arizona Wildcats star receiver Juron Criner may miss upcoming season
Arizona standout senior wide receiver Juron Criner might miss the upcoming season, according to a report in the Arizona Daily Star.

Arizona Rattlers still searching for fans amidst successful year
A couple of weeks ago, Hunkie Cooper, once the face of the Rattlers, attended an Arena Football game in the building that carries his No. 14 in the rafters. He looked around, saw a lot of purple seats that were filled when he played and, sadly, barely anybody recognized him. The Rattlers have the second-best record in the Arena Football League at 13-2. They have one of the league's best quarterbacks in Nick Davila, a dominant receiver in Rod Windsor and a ball-hawking defense led by Virgil Gray and Marquis Floyd (who have a combined 15 interceptions). But something is missing. Fans.

NFL News:

Lockout: Owners, players rejoin NFL bargaining talks - ESPN
Joined by a handful of owners and players, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith resumed talks Thursday aimed at ending the lockout with a new collective bargaining agreement.

Best of NFL: NFC West teams - NFC West Blog - ESPN
As part of Best of the NFL Week on, here are five bests for the NFC West: