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Tweet, Tweet: The Best Of The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter (6/5)

If you have not already read it, you might have come across the two-hour long Twitter argument Derek Anderson got into with a Cleveland Browns fan. As entertaining as that was, I excluded all of those tweets from this week's edition of Tweet, Tweet.

Last week, though, one of the newest members of the Cardinals, Sam Acho, had you favorite tweet. Here it is again:

Arizona weather is a lot like gas prices... it just keeps on going up

After the jump are this week's tweets to vote on.

After asking "What's up?" to his followers, Steve Breaston (@sbreaston15) responds to what one follower shares:

Don't be tweeting..refocus man lol RT @damooseman: @SBreaston15 well I'm getting married in about 2 and a half hours

A.J. Jefferson (@Mr_Ariesego), expressing the same frustration as many other Playstation gamers tweets:

Dear Playstation Network. Hurry the F up. I need COD.

Reagan Maui'a (@Reagan_Mauia45) responds to a tweet asking what happened during the Mavs/Heat game that ended with a game-winning shot by Dirk Nowitski with Chris Bosh guarding him:

RT @oahusteeler43: @Reagan_Mauia45 What the hell was Bosh doing!? Lol~ #Bosh wanted to go back to school, so #Dirk took him.

Michael Adams (@meezybaby27), who is a Dallas Mavericks fan, replying to Breaston about the Mavs bandwagon:

@SBreaston15 well steve. I gotta get my bandwagon lifted the tires are rubbing from so many people jumping back on after writing us off!

Hamza Abdullah (@hamzaabdullah21) with a tweet to Matt Ware (@mattware22), referring to gas prices and perhaps the lockout

@MattWare22 You do realize, that gas tank would be one day's pay at OTAs?!?!?! #WorkingForFree

Now, it's up to you. Vote for your favorite!