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Believe It Or Not, 2 Cardinals Make Top OL Free Agent List

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We still are not able to actually act on free agency, but I did run across something interesting going through (I actually paid for premium stuff to get some of the stats I should know for the blog). When looking at what offensive linemen the ranked as the best free agents, I was very surprised. Two Arizona Cardinals, one not named Deuce Lutui was not on the list. One was a shocker. Outside of the Cards, there was one player that has me wondering where he was.

In their list of the top 10 free agent offensive tackles, Brandon Keith was eighth. Maybe the top 10 should be more like a top five, but in any case, it was not all bad what was said about the former seventh-round pick. He gave up six sacks in nine games and had a season-ending injury, but here is what was written about him:

When you get this far down the list, things aren't looking pretty. A season ending injury ‘saved' Keith's numbers from looking any worse, but the problem for him revolve around consistency. A capable run blocker, Keith flashed competence in protecting his quarterback with two perfect games in pass pro, but against top ends like Ray Edwards, he just wasn't up to the task.

Personally, I think he will be back and probably starting at right tackle in 2011. Hopefully he will have improved and he can do at least an okay job in pass protection.

The other guy was on the list of the top free agent interior linemen. It was Lyle Sendlein that made this list. He has been considered the most consistent on the Cards' O-line, but there is something to be said about Deuce Lutui and his play and potential. He was number 10. Here is what PFF had to say about Sendlein:

While it's easy to criticize the Cardinal line, one guy who has earned something of a pass is Lyle Sendlein. He's not perfect by any stretch but does about as good a job as any Cardinal of preventing pressure getting to his quarterback. You'd like to see how he'd fare with better players either side of him.

I expect to see him back. Honestly, unless re-signing those that started last year is difficult, it would not surprise me to see virtually the same line this next season with Levi Brown, Sendlein, Lutui and Keith. The other will probably be Rex Hadnot, unless the Cards make a splash on a lineman or two.