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Plaxico Burress Is Out Of Jail: Where Will He End Up?

Monday morning, former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison after having served a sentence for an incident in a New York night club where he shot himself in the leg. He has not played an NFL game in more than two seasons, but according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus (master of hyperbole), Burress could be one of the top free agents of the offseason.

We have already established that he is unlikely to be a member of the Cardinals, but where could he end up?

The soon to be 34 year old has nine NFL seasons. In his career, he has caught 505 passes for 7845 yards and 55 career touchdowns. He is a big target and runs good routes and is very hard to defend in the red zone.

The New York Giants have all but said they are moving on, which makes sense.

Michal Vick has said in public that he wants Plax in Philadelphia with him, although having two ex-convicts working together may violate their parole.

The St. Louis Rams have been a team named that could be interested in Burress, considering they could use a big play guy to help Sam Bradford.

Today Seattle Seahawks receiver Mike Williams (a real thorn in the Cardinals' side in 2010) tweeted that he is "all for Plax coming to Seattle."

One reader alerted me to not sleep on the Bengals.

I think that of all the teams, the most likely is Philly. I just hope he isn't in the NFC West.