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NFL Free Agency: Which Wide Receiver Would You Target?

Yes, the lockout keeps us from actually getting free agent moves, but we can always speculate, right? Much is being said about the release from prison of Plaxico Burress. He will be age 34 when the season rolls around (if it rolls around), but many think he can still be a contributor and even playmaker on a team. He is not, though, the only free agent receiver who has put together very good numbers in the past and yet are up in age. There are also Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, 34 and 37 years old, respectively.

Even though neither of these players are likely to be targeted by the Arizona Cardinals, if you were a team looking to bolster its receiving corp, which of these players would you look to first.

I realize that likely Sidney Rice or Vincent Jackson would be number one and number two on the list if you were wanting to make a splash. However, Owens has scored 24 TDs in the last three seasons and Moss has caught 29 in the same amount of time. Burress, though, has only been catching passes from inmates in the prison yard.

If I were to go after one of these guys first, I think I go for Owens. He keeps his body in great shape and he works extremely hard. Burress is a bit of an unknown at this point and Moss showed decline last season. Yes, T.O. could cause issues, but not major ones if the team is winning.

This, of course, is choosing out of the three, not out of the whole free agent class. My first choice would be Santonio Holmes so that those not really catches that get called touchdowns are for my team.

But let us know which you would pick of the three.