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Changing The Past: Trying To Strip The Steelers Of Their Super Bowl Win (Like NCAA Did To USC)

Apparently, with the action of the NCAA as a result of the Reggie Bush inappropriate benefits case, we must erase all memories of the 2004 National Championship that USC won. While that is something I would like to do as a fan of ASU, I will not be looking at any strange looking pen that flashes lights that a guy in a suit has -- especially it is is Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones.

However, in light of seeing how you can go back and take away a title even when it happened, I was hoping the memory erasing crew could do us one more favor and strip away the Pittsburgh Steelers' title the stole from the Arizona Cardinals.

No matter how many times I see that fateful "catch" by Santonio Holmes, I have yet to see the second foot touch. It didn't happen. Yes, it was close, but it didn't happen. And I am a reasonable person with things like that.

Oh, how it would be great to have some sort of conduct policy or NFL violation that we could find that someone on the Steelers committed, because then the title could be vacated and given to the Cardinals. Surely Ben Roethlisberger did something. Holmes was known to have some character issues. Maybe it could be that Troy Polamalu is using hair enhancement drugs. 

I don't care what the reason is. The Cardinals should be the ones with the championship banner in the stadium. 

Can anyone else come up with anything? Or am i just crazy?