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Video Of The Day: Ryan Williams Highlights

Time for day two of our week long look at the Cardinals 2011 Draft class before I move on to just posting random videos each week. Todays video focuses on Ryan Williams, the Running Back from Virgina Tech who was dynamic in his freshman year, but last season he was injured for almost the entire season much like Beanie Wells was last year. This video mainly focuses on his Freshman year, and some very impressive runs are showcased in here. My personal favorite is the play where he drags a defender hanging off of his jersey an extra 10 yards as he runs for a Touchdown at the 08:05 mark of the video.

Also, if you like reading You Tube arguments as much as I do, check out some of the people arguing about the Cardinals for a couple of pages in this video.

Ryan Williams - VT 2009 Highlights HQ (via hokiehivpi)