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NFL Lockout News: New York The Latest Setting For Continued Negotiations

For those who have lost hope for the 2011 NFL season, there is good news. Without lawyers to muck up the process, the NFLPA and owners are meeting in negotiation sessions, and on Tuesday it was reported by Albert Breer of the NFL Network that were doing so in "an undisclosed location." This is exactly what fans want to hear.

As the day went on, the location of the meet was revealed as were the parties and more information about it. 

It turns out that, per Adam Schefter of ESPN, that the parties involved were the regular ones: DeMaurice Smith, Roger Goodell, select owners and players and Magistrate Judge Boylan. They met in a hotel in New York. It should be noted that in these round of talks, which are expected to last the next several days, they are "very serious talks" and I would not be surprised at all if an agreement comes out of it in not too terribly wrong.

It is overdue and has been exasperating that it has involved the courts, but now it looks like what should have happened months ago is actually taking place.

If a new CBA comes out of these talks soon, in the end not much will have been lost other than the excitement of trades and free agent signings. Training camp would still happen normally and no games would be lost. And that is what matters most for us.