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NFL Rumors: Kevin Kolb To Cardinals For 'Surprise' Player

I know. It seems there has been almost a Kevin Kolb rumor each day. Yesterday the name that was the latest target was linebacker Daryl Washington. It is so crazy that local radio shows were talking about it as if it were actually some sort of report. As noted with that rumor that came up about Washington, it was simply a writer/analyst that was thinking aloud answering a question he got in his mailbag. 

However, Sports Illustrated writer Jim Trotter, who is a guy who uses actual sources, shared some knowledge about the Cardinals/Kolb saga that might open your eyes. See the tweet after the jump.

When asked if he believed that the Cardinals would make a deal for Kolb after the lockout, he responded with this:

"@shuofa03: will the Cards make a move for Kolb? And what/who will they give up?"<--yes. the name i'm hearing will surprise you. (patience)less than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply


The name will surprise us? With all the chatter we have had, is that even possible? We have heard and discussed the following guys here on the site:


  • Patrick Peterson
  • Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
  • Daryl Washington
  • Greg Toler
  • Beanie Wells
  • Tim Hightower 
  • Darnell Dockett's name has even been thrown around in our forum (did I miss anyone)

Knowing these names have come up, who would be a surprise? Obviously Adrian Wilson, Larry Fitzgerald and Darnell Dockett are considered the leadership core of the team. There are obvious players that would be a surprise because of their play, but for the opposite reasons. 

Could it be a player like Kerry Rhodes? Could it be Dockett? Maybe it's Derek Anderson or Levi Brown. I'm as anxious to know who it is as anyone. 

Unfortunately, Trotter calls for patience and says he will not release the name. So I guess we have to wait.