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Some Of The Worst Moments In Arizona Cardinals Team History

PFT has been running a series of stories about each NFL team over the past many weeks and this week it was the turn of the Arizona Cardinals. It focused on the worst moments in team history. For the Cardinals, they go all the way back to the St. Louis days, which for most of us is essentially irrelevant and I personally have no recollection of it. But take a look after the jump and see if you agree. I don't completely.

Of the four they mention, two I have to disagree with. They list the following four moments:


  • 1987 Week 15 loss to Dallas Cowboys
  • 2009 playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints
  • 2006 Monday Night Football meltdown against Chicago Bears
  • Super Bowl loss, specifically two plays -- the Harrison interception return and the Santonio Holmes winning catch.


As for the 1987 game, I have no idea. It must have been terrible. But the Saints loss, while it was painful to watch, I would hardly call it one of the team's worst moments. They lost to the eventual Super Bowl champs. 

As for the Super Bowl? Yes it is a bitter loss ad those two plays will haunt me as a fan forever, but the fact that they were in a Super Bowl, were underdogs in that Super Bowl and were within minutes of being champions disqualify that game as a worst moment. It is still the greatest moment in team history. 

What moments did they miss? At least in Arizona, we have to include first and foremost the injury to Neil Lomax. His career-ending injury was the catalyst to years of a quarterback wasteland that included has-beens, busts, never-weres and an eventual Pro Bowl punter to boot. 

Another moment? The Matt Leinart saga from last year is a black eye. Likewise, there were other moments in specific games that could be mentioned -- the Steve Bono 76-yard TD run, the loss to SF years ago in which the Niners had to score two TDs and a two-point conversion to win and magically they pulled it off. 

There was also the dismantling of the 1998 playoff team. 

Here is the video on PFT:

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What other moments would you have added? What do you think of the ones noted?