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Video Of The Day: Larry Fitzgerald 2010 Highlights

Getty Images

Just one quick little video for you guys this week. This one is a highlight video of what Larry Fitzgerald did last season.

Even with the Quarterback issues we had last season (Derek Anderson, Max Hall, John Skelton, and Richard Bartell all wound up playing last year), Fitz still wound up with 90 catches, over 1,100 yards (which was more than what he had in 09 with Kurt Warner by the way), and 6 Touchdowns. These are numbers that most Wide Receivers would be happy with, but these numbers are also considered to be a down year for Fitz.

Even though he didn't have the kind of great year that he had during the times when Warner was throwing to him, he still played well and showed that even with Derek Anderson, two rookies, and a UFL backup throwing to him he can still be productive. That he managed to still go over 1000 yards was incredible to me considering what was throwing to him.

There are a few plays that are missing from here though, such as the one that broke Anquan Boldin's record for receptions against Denver, but these are all of the videos of him that were on I wish there was more, but there wasn't. It would also be interesting to see a highlight video of all the times he was overthrown when he was wide open (I remember one from Max Hall against Seattle) or all of the times where he was wide open and the Quarterback didn't see him.

Larry Fitzgerald 2010 Highlights [HD] (via aaronpackers)