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7-14-11: Bird Droppings - Lessons From LeBron

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Today, a link saying that the Cardinals should learn from how the Cavs tried and failed to please LeBron James leading to his joining of the Miami Heat and his absolute failure in the NBA finals with how they handle keeping Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona. Also some stuff on how we are going to battle with the Seahawks for Kolb, comments from Sando about James Harrison's chances of coming to the Cardinals, and what a character Dockett is along with some other stuff.

Arizona Cardinals News:

The Arizona Cardinals can learn from LeBron James -
Larry Fitzgerald is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, but the Arizona Cardinals can not let his status as a free agent after the season influence what they decide to do with the quarterback position. It is a huge mistake for an organization to base decisions around one player -- just ask the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks set to battle over Kevin Kolb -
As division rivals the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks go head-to-head twice a year. Thanks to the lockout and a lack of first string quarterbacks on the rosters, the two teams may square off three times in 2011. No, part of the new collective bargaining agreement won't include a third game against division opponents -- heck, if the lockout doesn't end soon who knows if the season will include two division games. However, it does sound like the Cardinals and Seahawks could faceoff in a battle for Kevin Kolb.

Dockett has the Cards' biggest mouth -- and that's a good thing -
Darnell Dockett is a character. He tweets while being pulled over by the police, about his pet alligator and, well, anything else that's on his mind. He's funny, confusing and, sometimes, frustrating. But he's not James Harrison.

Chat wrap: Paging James Harrison, or not - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Shane from Los Angeles asked whether Harrison had talked his way out of Pittsburgh, suggesting Arizona as a logical destination for him.

NFC West's biggest future stars - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A team-by-team look at the players I expect to be the most dominant in the NFC West from 2014-2016. news: Big decisions lie ahead in NFC West that's up for grabs
When the lockout is over, it could be a mad dash for talent all over the NFL. With that in mind, we examine the most important things each team must accomplish with a division-by-division breakdown. This is a look at the NFC West.

Arizona Sports News:

Defensive end James Brooks leaves ASU football team
Senior defensive end James Brooks, a two-year starter, has left the Arizona State program for personal reasons.

NFL News:

NFL lockout -- Owners, players back in force for talks - ESPN
With time running short to keep the NFL's preseason completely intact, owners and player representatives are back in force at a Manhattan law firm, trying again to work out a new labor deal.

Following up: When teams brought heat - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Hank Gargiulo of ESPN Stats & Information has come through with a hefty file showing how NFL defenses have fared when sending regular or added pressure against opposing quarterbacks. I'm only beginning to sift through the numbers.

Report: Progress made on rookie pay scale | ProFootballTalk
We’ve all reached the point in the NFL lockout where we’re kind of sick of reports about progress being made and we just want to see a done deal. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore the reports of progress.

Lomas Brown: NFL should provide health care for life | ProFootballTalk
As the owners and players continue to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, one of the open questions is whether and to what extent a new deal will provide better benefits for retired players. One retired player, former Lions offensive lineman Lomas Brown, says it’s simple: Every retired player should get health insurance for life.

Men’s Journal writer defends James Harrison, blasts "idiot" quarterbacks | ProFootballTalk
Steelers linebacker James Harrison claimed his words were twisted when he was quoted by Men’s Journal as ripping some of his own teammates. But the writer whose integrity was called into question by Harrison is not upset by Harrison’s remarks — and he agrees with everything Harrison says.