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Ken Whisenhunt 'Excited' To Get New Quarterback

With all the news of the lockout and labor negotiations, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt was on local radio talking about the lockout and the offseason. While on XTRA 910, he mentioned his hope for a resolution soon with the lockout, he talked quarterbacks and training camp.

While talking about the topic we all dread the most -- the lockout -- Whisenhunt was "optimistic," but recognized that even when things are going the way they are, "that doesn't mean that something is going to happen." But still he is looking forward to getting back to football.

As for training camp, he thinks that Flagstaff will be the place, depending on how late the lockout goes. Here's what he said:

"We have gone to Flagstaff enough times that we're pretty efficient in our transportation situation as far as getting our things up there and getting in and getting set up. I feel pretty comfortable that we're gonna do everything we can to get up there and have whatever semblance or whatever type of camp we can have there for a period of time."

Now, the obligatory quarterback questions were bound to pop up. As always, they did. Whiz is "excited" that he can "get the opportunity." He again cites the receivers and "some of the things that (they) do" on the team, saying that the Cardinals as a team "present a good opportunity for a quarterback." If he means that the team is going to throw the football a lot, then yes he is right because quarterbacks always love to throw.

If you are anything like me, while the interview is great, it is yet another reason why the players and the owners wise up and get football back and being played when it should.

Also, after having the QB play he saw from his team in 2010, his excitement is understandable. Here's to hoping that the team makes the right choice at that position.