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NFL Lockout: Very Few Things Remain Before Lockout Will End

Labor negotiations continue on through the weekend, but it appears that all major pieces are in place. An agreement in principle could come within the next 24-72 hours. NFL Network reporter described it as saying "nearly nothing in the way" of the end of the lockout.

The settling in the TV case and the Brady case are now simply seen as procedural. The other parts that remain are player safety pieces and the offseason, in addition to dealing with the retirement "legacy fund," but is supposedly "a post-certification issue."

The major concession that the owners had to make was in the fact that there will be no right of refusal tags on 2011 free agents. The only tags that will be there are those that existed previously. Owners previously had wanted three such tags but eventually had to drop them completely.

The league was very quick to issue a memo to the 32 teams to indicate that while talks have made great progress that the lockout rules are still in effect.

Hopefully by the end of next week the lockout is done and we can finally know who will be the next QB for the Cardinals