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NFL Free Agency Poll: Which Of The Free Agent Tackles Would You Most Prefer?

Over the past week or so, Jess and I have presented seven different free agent offensive tackles to you that will be available once the CBA is solidified. These players were Tyson Clabo, Jared Gaither, Marshal Yanda, Doug Free, Jammal Brown, Jermon Bushrod and Willie Colon.

Again, this was all based off of the CBS top 50 free agents list and who they believe the best free agent tackles will be. Next week, we will be moving on to the interior part of the line with the guard position.

For now, I would like to pose a question to all of you. Which free agent tackle do you believe would be the best option for the Arizona Cardinals?

Now, before you decide to click that little button to cast your vote, take a few things into account. Yes, all of these players are talented in their own ways and would be an improvement over our current debacle. But think about whether you believe the Cardinals will lean towards the run or the pass this year.

If it's going to be more of a balanced offense, maybe you believe a player like Doug Free would suit our style better. If you think Ken Whisenhunt will call upon a run-heavy offense with the three headed monster we have in the backfield, maybe Jared Gaither is worth the risk.

Also, think about salary demands. A player like Tyson Clabo, who hasn't sat out a single game in three seasons, might want a bit more cash than someone like Willie Colon who sat out the entire 2010 season.

If you just want the best guy you can think of and don't care about the money it will take, then by all means, vote away.

So there you have it folks, now is the time to decide. Which free agent offensive tackle should the Arizona Cardinals pursue?


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