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NFL Lockout: Principles Will Return To Meetings on Monday

It is at that point. We know it is almost done, but it isn't quite there. It's like when you have basically finished all your work before a vacation but have to wait for the boss to sign off on it so you can go home. The NFL lockout is almost over, as the players and owners have hammered out almost everything they need for a new labor agreement. 

On Saturday legal teams from both sides met to work on the language of the agreement.

Albert Breer for NFL Network reported that there were "no plans for owners & players to meet again unless necessary." Apparently, though, it became necessary for whatever reason.

Both sides will be back at the table together and will be presided by Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan. However, no one really at this point views this as any sort of obstacle. It is expected that an agreement will be had and that the owners will vote on Thursday, after which the lockout will be lifted.

It is expected that there will be a 72 hour window to start the offseason in which teams will be able to re-sign their own players before the open market hits. Whether teams can begin discussing trades in this window is something I have not heard.

For Cardinals fans, it means that by the end of this week we will know whether Steve Breaston, Lyle Sendlein or Deuce Lutui will be returning and donning Cardinals red in 2011. Then it will be quarterback time. It will hopefully be a happy time. 

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