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The NFL Lockout And A Possible Timeline For This Week

While we sit and wait for the almost done deal to become a done deal and the NFL lockout to be lifted by the league, it seems that it will never happen. Even still, despite all the optimistic reports, after so long, it is hard to believe that the offseason will finally begin. 

If all goes well, this could be what the week looks like:

Monday: The NFL and players meet and hammer out the very last details. 

Tuesday: With Judge Arthur Boylan, a settlement is reached in the two lawsuits -- the Brady antitrust suit and the Doty TV case. 

Wednesday/Thursday: The new deal is voted upon and ratified by the players and the owners. On Thursday, the owners are scheduled to have meetings already. 

Friday: The lockout is lifted, players report to team facilities and a 72-hour window begins for teams to negotiate with their own players before free agency begins. From what I understand or believe, trades will not yet happen, but discussion likely can begin. 

In this time, we will know which of the Cardinals' unrestricted free agents will definitely be back -- Deuce Lutui, Lyle Sendlein, Steve Breaston, Alan Branch.

If trades are allowed, by the weekend the Cardinals could have traded for a new quarterback (Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, Carson Palmer). Whether teams will be allowed to cut players will be seen and, if they are cut, whether they can negotiate with other teams. 

Monday: All out free agency commences. The real fun begins. 

This are, at least, my projections based on what I have read and heard. Hopefully it happens this way.