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Video(s) Of The Day: The Shootout With Green Bay

I promised that I would post this soon, and here it is. The video from the legendary shootout between the Cardinals and the Packers in the 2009 Postseason where Kurt Warner and Aaron Rodgers scored as many touchdowns combined as the Cardinals quarterbacks threw all of last year (Warner had five touchdown passes, Rodgers had four, and he ran for one).

Lets just look at some of the stats from this game. The 96 points from this game is the most in NFL postseason history, the offenses combined for 1,024 yards which is the third most in postseason history, there were 62 first downs which is the most in postseason history. And then just look at Warner completing 29 of 33 passes for 379 yards and those five touchdowns. He had a passer rating of 154.1 which was the second highest in postseason history, his 87.9 completion percentage is the third highest, and he threw more touchdowns (five) than incomplete passes (four). Just an amazing game, unless you like watching good defensive play because there was hardly any of that.

And now, time for some videos of this legendary game. higlights - Radio Calls

NFL Network Highlights

Karlos Dansby's fumble return for a Touchdown (Where Joe Buck makes the play sound like a fullback dive for a one yard gain with how he called it)

Ryan Grant and Clark Haggans mic'd up

Warner Interview

Postgame press conference

Warner Highlights