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Jason Wright Retires, But That Is No Surprise

In what is not shocking news, running back Jason Wright, at age 28, has decided to retire from the NFL, a fact that was broken by the Arizona Republic's Kent Somers. He was set to become an unrestricted free agent after having played two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. He also spent one season with the Atlanta Falcons and four with the Cleveland Browns before joining Arizona. writer Darren Urban reports that this was the plan for quite some time, but that Wright did not want it publicized. He just felt that "it was time."

While he likely was going to have interest, he was not likely to return to the Cardinals. With the drafting of Ryan Williams, they already have Beanie Wells and LaRod Stephens-Howling under contract and Tim Hightower as a likely restricted free agent, but it is likely that he will be back as well. There would be no room for him.

However, his time here was valuable. He was great on special teams, he was a veteran guy and was good in the backfield at receiving and blocking.

His retirement does not affect the Cardinals overall, but we all wish him well in his next venture, that for now includes going to business school.