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NFL Rumors: Kolb For DRC Deal Is Back From Hiding For A While

It might be because the lockout is reportedly about to end and the NFL offseason will be starting, but the Kevin Kolb rumors have started up again. It is not anything new, but it is now being reported by a local Cardinals insider. Here is what was tweeted out on Monday:

@MikeJurecki on the #Cardinals QB search: "Kevin Kolb is the guy, Cardinals are prepared to offer DRC straight up...according to source"less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

So, whether you like it or not, it appears that Kevin Kolb is the number one quarterback on the Cardinals' list. 

The positives for both teams are the fact that the Cardinals already have a cornerback to replace Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in Patrick Peterson, the Cards need a QB, the Eagles need a cornerback and in acquiring DRC they woudl not have to pay a signing bonus. 

The negatives are that DRC is a Pro Bowl caliber talent and Kolb is rather unproven. Patrick Peterson might not pan out. Kolb's contract is very manageable this year for the Eagles.

I have written it before -- if the team believes that much in Kolb, you do the deal. Finding a replacement cornerback is far easier than finding a franchise quarterback. However, it would be a risky move.

But I like Kolb and is intangibles (and the fact he can make all the throws accurately), so the trade is okay by my terms.

Jurecki also noted that if a player is not enough to get Kolb, the Cards could offer a mid-round 2012 pick. 

Reportedly on the Cardinals' short list is Kolb, then Kyle Orton and Matt Hasselbeck.

My question to you: How upset would you be if DRC were to be traded for Kolb?