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NFL Top 15 Defensive Free Agents: Whom Should The Cardinals Target?

The other day, RedBirdRevival shared with us the Fox Sports list of the top 15 offensive free agent targets that will be available once the lockout is over. Now, the list of the top 15 defensive free agents has been published. There are some intriguing names, but it is interesting in the fact that the Cardinals really won't have much interest in most of them. 

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The 15 players listed are:


  1. Nnamdi Asomugha, CB
  2. Charles Johnson, DE
  3. Ray Edwards, DE
  4. Brandon Mebane, DT
  5. Barry Cofield, DT
  6. Aubrayo Franklin, DT
  7. Paul Posluszny, ILB
  8. Jonathan Joseph, CB
  9. Antonio Cromartie, CB
  10. Cullen Jenkins, DE
  11. Eric Weddle, FS
  12. Barrett Ruud, MLB
  13. Ike Taylor, CB
  14. Michael Huff, FS
  15. Kirk Morrison, MLB


What you will notice is that the Cardinals are not listed as possible suitors for any of these guys. But that would make sense. If you look across the defense, except for the linebacking corp, the starters are pretty much set and the guys on the list would obviously be starters. 

If DRC ends up in a package to get Kevin Kolb, it would be a good idea to target one of the corners. If I had to pick, it would be Joseph, although Taylor would not be a bad choice. 

Out of anyone on the list, I would look at Posluszny. He would be a definite upgrade inside from Paris Lenon and could pair up nicely with Daryl Washington

Do you see anyone on the list you would like to see the Cardinals target?