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Ken Whisenhunt On Possible QB: Still Cryptic

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt was on local radio recently and talked about (what else?) who would be the next starting quarterback for the team. Everyone and their distant cousin seems to be set on the fact that Kevin Kolb will be that guy after the NFL lockout has ended, even to the chagrin of many of our faithful ROTB members.

However, Whisenhunt in speaking wanted everyone to know that the team is not just targeting one guy. 

Quote No.1:

"We're not putting all of our eggs in one basket. There are a few guys out there that can help us. We're intending on trying to get one of those guys."

Obviously this is to dispel the rumor that a Kevin Kolb deal is already done, but did anyone think they were betting the house on only one guy? I never did. If we want to be really crazy, we might say that the team might be bringing in more than one guy, leaving poor Max Hall and Richard Bartel out of the mix completely to even make the roster. 

But here is the money quote, the one that is actually wasted air:

"I don't know who our quarterback is going to be, but I do feel very good that it's going to be one of the guys out there that we're going to have an opportunity to get."

So...he does not know who it is going to be yet. That's reasonable. We can eliminate anyone that the Cardinals won't be able to get. And he is confident that their 2011 starting QB will be one of the guys they are able to get. 

Ok, it is obvious that the quarterback is going to be someone they will be able to get. Otherwise, he would not be on the team and couldn't start for them.

So, according to the coach, we can be sure that the quarterback will be someone they get.

Thanks for the clarification, Coach!