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Drum Roll, Please! My Favorite And Least Favorite Arizona Cardinals Players

If you read the original post where I listed the players in no particular order, you can probably deduce who is left on the list. However, do I expect you to remember? Nope. So I now present you with the two players that have been the motivation of the max of my passion as a Cardinals fan -- for good and one for not so good. 

My absolute favorite Cardinals player ever is Jake Plummer. The one I loathe? That would be Antrel Rolle.

Plummer had a jump start for me. He went to ASU and went while I was a student and led the Sun Devils to within 100 seconds of a possible national championship. Honestly, he really could do no wrong for me. 

I know he was not the franchise QB everyone hoped he would be, especially after signing that contract extension after leading the Cards to a playoff victory in the 1998 season. But I never faulted him. It was irrational, I know, but that is what a fan is sometimes. I blamed the OL and everything else. 

When he left to Denver, he continued to be my favorite player in the league. I was a Broncos fan (never leaving behind my Cardinals allegiance, mind you). When he was dumped in favor of Jay Cutler, I lost all love for Denver (and it is likely the reason I dislike Cutler so). 

Plummer, had he continued playing, could have developed into a very, very good player. He got a bad rap in Denver simply because he was not John Elway. The truth is that his numbers almost mirrored exactly Elway's numbers at at the same point in their careers. 

Kurt Warner might have been the best QB the Cards have ever had, but Plummer will likely always be the one I love (in a fan way) the most.

Now for Antrel Rolle. I know there are some fans in the community. I'll take some heat for this, but I couldn't stand the guy. 

He has talent, but he just doesn't have it upstairs. One of the early bonehead plays was on a play he got burned on and caught up with some player -- I think it was against the Chiefs -- and he tackles him from behind by grabbing he guy's facemask. 

He would take bad angles in pursuit, he was dreadful in coverage as a corner and would try to get big hits, but I don't recall his ever having one. 

I will give him credit for being great with the ball in his hands, at least on defense. The times he was called to do punt returns, he looked like he had never done it in his life. 

When he was moved to safety, he was better, but I never got why people talked about him like he was great safety. When he left after last season, I was thrilled to see him go, especially when Kerry Rhodes was acquired. I said, even last year, UPGRADE!

I feel a little bad that I dislike a decent contributor to the team the way I do, but that's the way it is. 

There you have complete list. Any questions?