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NFL Lockout: NFLPA Votes, But No Resolution Yet

We all have been hoping for the end of the NFL lockout and for the last week the media has been saying that it is almost there, and yet here we continue and there is a lockout. Wednesday was the day that the NFLPA executive committee was expected to vote on the agreement, and it did, but it did not end things yet. 

The vote was a conditional yes, but the conditions that remain still are obstacles. What does this mean?

Here is what NFL Network reporter Albert Breer tweeted:

Can confirm @SI_JimTrotter report that settlement has been voted through by player reps, passed on to plaintiffs. But only conditionally.

Helping to clarify here: The good news is that players voted to pass terms that would become the CBA upon reconstitution of the union.

The bad news is the vote was conditional on the settlement terms that go along with the lawsuits. So that needs to be worked out. 

Bottom line: The structure of the league going forward has been negotiated and set, but this one's not over til those lawsuits die.

Obviously we are not yet done. The lawsuits have to be taken care of and the players have to vote in favor of reforming the union. 

The NFLPA has sent out a message to the media to be expecting a thank-you video for the media and fans. We'll be sure to share that with you.

Stay tuned!