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Joey Porter: Salary Cap Casualty Or 2011 Contributor

We can probably all agree that the three-year contract that the Cardinals gave to linebacker Joey Porter looks kind of dumb. He was to provide veteran leadership and a boost to the Cardinals pass rush. The leadership perhaps was there, but the pass rush was not.

He only had five sacks on the year and he is expected to be among the first players to be cut after the lockout is lifted. But a look at what he did this last year might surprise you.

After the season, coach Ken Whisenhunt admitted that Porter played too many snaps, considering his age. You know how many snaps he played? 1023, the third most at his position in the entire league -- more than James Harrison, Clay Matthews or Lamar Woodley.

And Porter was not a complete abomination in one facet of his game -- pass coverage.

PFF gives players ratings in different categories, and Porter received one positive rating and that is in pass coverage. However, according to their ratings, he was the fourth best 3-4 OLB at it, behind only well known studs Clay Matthews, James Harrison and Lamar Woodley. His passer rating allowed (79.6) was the 13th lowest as well.

Although he may be cut, I would not be surprised to see him return and play much less, and as a result play more effectively. Likewise, considering the fact the Cardinals will have to spend a bit of money to get to the minimum salary requirement, they may just keep him on with his current contract.

Would you mind seeing Porter back in a part-time role? I think it would make him more of the player he was hoped to have been here.