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NFL Lockout News: Owners Vote To Ratify Settlement

The NFL owners, who have locked out their players for months, have voted to approve and ratify the proposed settlement, Albert Breer from NFL Network reports. We are finally getting the beginning of the closure (how funny does that sound -- beginning of closure) we as fans need to be ready for football again. According to Rich Eisen, the vote was 31-0 in favor of the resolution. The Raiders abstained from the vote

Next up is for the players to vote and approve it, after which they will need to recertify as a union. The timetable is uncertain, but they will likely be given a limited amount of time to do so. The lockout is likely to be lifted as early as tomorrow, allowing players to report to team facilities and even use the facilities to expedite the recertification process.

It will likely be a few days before the new league starts, but we are looking at probably about a week and then teh floodgates will open.

The Cardinals will then need to make their QB moves, re-sign players, sign new players and fill their roster with undrafted rookies very quickly.

Kent Somers tweeted that Cardinals training camp could open as early as Saturday, July 30 in Flagstaff, but is still tentative.