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NFL Lockout Update: Free Agency Could Begin Next Wednesday, Or Not

As noted not too long ago, the owners voted to ratify the proposed agreement that was negotiated with the players. The NFL sent out a press release outlining what will happen, provided the NFLPA does a couple of things. It means that within the next week, things will be back to normal.

Hit the jump for the details:

Here is what the players must do:


  • They must vote to ratify the agreement.
  • They must reconstitute as a union
If they do those things, the league will do the following:
  • Open team facilities on Saturday
  • On Sunday, teams may begin to sign undrafted players.
  • On Wednesday, the league year would begin, along with trades and free agency
  • Training camps could begin as early as Wednesday.
  • The agreement is ten years and there will be no early opt-out clause.
There was one casualty. The Hall of Fame game will be cancelled. Considering what could have been lost, it is a good thing. It is, though, sad that the game that normally accompanies the Hall of Fame festivities will not happen. 

Technically, things are not over. The players are perhaps balking at voting and recertifying. They are not pleased that they are having the pressure put on them. 

Keep posted. This could fall apart still. Or it could happen as we hope. Keep your fingers crossed.