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NFL Lockout: Patience Is A Virtue

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Patience is a characteristic that must be used in everyone's lives. Whether it is work, family or friends, society expects people to show that they can wait for what they most desire. 

Since March, NFL fans have been showing that they understand the concept. We have been putting up with garbage spewed from both the owners and the players as they tried to pull the general public towards their side. We have listened and ultimately what it comes down to is that we just want football. 

We thought we might have been getting towards that goal Thursday night when the owners decided to give the thumbs up to the new proposed collective bargaining agreement. However, many people's hopes were shattered when only hours later we were informed that the players had not voted and the potential for chaos was on the horizon. Inevitably, through media hype and the explosion of various social media outlets, people became scared.

Fear not, for a deal is still closer than you think.   

Jay Feely, the player representative for the Arizona Cardinals, was on Twitter last night discussing why the players decided not to vote for a new CBA. This would have been the last step, outside of a recertification by the players union, in getting the lockout lifted. 

Havent seen the completed proposal yet RT @Bhiggsport @jayfeely what dont you/players like about the proposed cba?less than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet Reply

A 10 yr agreement has implications on current players, future players ad past players. It is our duty to proceed with caution and logicless than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet Reply

A lot of criticism of greedy players not taking deal. We are being prudent business men. We need to review the offer & it's new terms firstless than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet Reply


Yes, the owners could have made some last minute changes in an attempt to trick the players, but that's not the point. This CBA will last through the 2020 season and is a big part of how the NFL will operate over the next ten years. In order for the players to make sure they will be protected during that timespan, they need to read all of the fine print. 

The owners have no choice but to be patient and let the players do their due diligence. The players are being, "prudent," and we the fans should allow them to be. According to Feely, the players have not even seen the completed proposal yet, so where is all the panic coming from? We have been waiting since March for a deal to get done, is one more week really that big of an issue?

Yes, we all want football as soon as possible, but let me pose a question to you.

We know that this new CBA will have no opt out clauses and is a firm ten year deal. What would happen if the players misread something in the paperwork and realized that it could hurt them substantially if they kept abiding by the new rules. At that point, would the players be forced to strike during the middle of a season, forcing another work stoppage? This would be far worse than what we currently have. Letting the kinks get worked out now is better than problems arising in the future.   

I am not aligning myself with either party, all I am advocating for is a little more time. Keep in mind, this could be a huge public relations nightmare for the players if they do not decide to sign the new CBA, thus delaying the football season even more. They know this and will do everything in their power to make sure it does not happen.  

So please NFL fans, bare with me for a few more days. Instead of panicking, let's show a little composure and endure through this. Football is on it's way.