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Keep Or Cut: Arizona Cardinals OLB Clark Haggans

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We looked at Joey Porter yesterday and whether he has any value left as a player. The consensus among those voting in the poll and those commenting was that Porter still has value, but perhaps not at the salary he is due to make.

Let us look at another veteran player at the same position and decide whether he has value for the Arizona Cardinals in 2011 -- OLB Clark Haggans.

Haggans is set to make $2.5 million in 2011. In 2010, of all 37 3-4 OLBs that played at least 25 percent of snaps, he was the lowest rated overall all, according to PFF. Unlike Porter, who was shown to be effective in pass coverage, Haggans was not. He has also been one of the worst linebackers in missing tackles, averaging a miss every 8.5 attempts.

However, his passer rating against was only slightly higher than Porter's at 80.6. As a pass rusher, he only logged five sacks. He played 745 sacks, almost 300 less than Porter.

It turns out, Porter played over 99 percent of the defensive snaps -- Haggans just over 80 percent.

Haggans was also penalized six times on the season.

Do you think Haggans should return in 2011 along with Porter? With Will Davis, O'Brien Schofield and Sam Acho in the wings, is there room for both of these veterans?