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NFL Free Agents: OLB James Anderson

Continuing with the free agent series, we look at another outside linebacker. Yesterday was a defensive end in James Babin, who based on the reader poll would be a desirable target to rush the passer. Moving on down the list of CBS Sports' Top 50 free agent list, we reach a 4-3 outside linebacker who played for the Carolina Panthers in 2010.

Let us look at James Anderson and whether he could be a good fit.

Anderson in 2010 had 130 tackles, 3.5 sacks and an interception. According to PFF, he is the third highest rated 4-3 OLB.

Scouts, Inc. says this:

Anderson has served primarily as a backup linebacker who has provided quality depth. He is a slightly undersized linebacker with excellent straight-line speed as well as the agility needed to work his way through traffic when making plays down the line of scrimmage. He is more effective on the perimeter than he is against the inside power game and can struggle when he has to step up and take on a blocker. He looks quick and fairly fluid in his pass drops but needs more work on route recognition as well as reading the quarterback to get a jump on the ball. He can still be a bit late to pull the trigger when diagnosing the hole and looks more by the numbers opposed to being instinctive.

Granted, the Cardinals run a 3-4 scheme, as we know, and the OLB in that scheme is a bit different. However, he appears to have the skills necessary.

He is considered an underrated player. Would you like to see him in Cardinal red in 2011?