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NFL Lockout: NFLPA Executive Commmittee Meeting Monday

After a roller coaster of a week with the labor negotiations between the owners and players, the NFL Lockout is still going, but now there is more than a little bit of reason to expect football to begin during this next week. After a couple of days of emails, phone calls and text messages, the NFLPA has made arrangements for its 13-man executive committee to meet on Monday in Washington, DC. There is no vote planned, but player reps are on standby.

It seems reasonable that the initial player uproar over the owners ratifying the proposed CBA has been smoothed out.

ESPN's Chris Mortenson tweeted that, in a nutshell, the lockout would be over on Monday. The league year woulf begin on Wednesday and training camps could open Friday.

For the Arizona Cardinals, it looks like next Saturday would be the start of camp in Flagstaff.

Like most of you, I am not holding my breath, but it good to hear. Cooler heads are prevailing.

What is very important to remember is that Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith were communicating throughout the entire deal, including right before the owners' vote. Albert Breer remains firm in the idea that had Smith asked Goodell not to hold the vote, it would not have happened. So it was the players as a whole that were upset and not necessarily the player leadership.

On a personal note, I am confident enough that everything is being resolved that I have already made my plans to be at training camp from Saturday until Wednesday. The hotel is reserved and I am rearing to go. I might have press access, but don't know yet.

So, while it is tiresome, get that happiness ready. It is really going to happen soon. Hope to see some of you up there at camp! I'll have my two sons with me.