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NFL Free Agents: Mathias Kiwanuka

Continuing our look at possibly potential players at the OLB position, we move down that Top 50 free agent list to another defensive end. Mathias Kiwanuka played three games in 2010 for the New York Giants and is number 39 on the list. He is a converted linebacker and had a sack in each of the three games he played.

He is also now set to become a free agent. See more about this 6-5, 265 lb 28 year old. (typo -- he's not 38)

Scouts Inc. says:

He has been a part-time starter over his career but became the full-time guy when Osi Umenyiora had a falling-out with the coaching staff. He came into the league as a linebacker but has made a smooth transition to defensive end. He is undersized for the position but understands how to play with leverage. He uses his hands well to shed blocks in the run game at the point of attack. He is an explosive pass-rusher who shows good initial quickness off the snap. He can turn the corner with his speed and closes well to the quarterback. He has to win with speed as a rusher. He has quick hands but does not show an array of rush moves to shed when blockers get their hands on him. He is a two-gap player in the run game. He shows the ability to shoot gaps and redirect the ball carrier. Overall he is a talented player with a good motor who has shown the ability to be a playmaker in their defense.

A former linebacker that is undersized for defensive end, yet speed to rush the quarterback? This sounds vaguely like the type of player the Cardinals need on the edge.

As for his coverage ability, statistically he really has no experience at it.

Should the Arizona Cardinals take a look at him? Considering his neck injury a year ago and the uncertainty of playing in coverage, he would be a guy I say "tread lightly," but he could really be a good addition in terms of pressuring the quarterback and might even be better at the OLB position than at DE.