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Drew Brees says NFL Lockout Deal Is Done

With all the progress that took place over the weekend in talks between the NFLPA and the league, it appears that It is really going to happen. According to an email from Drew Brees to his teammates, there will be an NFLPA press conference announcing the approval of the new CBA. Even though the formalities of the player vote and the recertification of the union still have to happen, they are formalities because players have never voted against a deal that the executive committee has recommended. Thus, the lockout will be over.

That will mean that starting Tuesday will be the 72-hour window in which teams can re-sign their own players and begin to discuss trades with other teams. The league year would begin on Friday, along with free agency and trades. Camps could begin then as well.

According to Kent Somers, even with player approval, Cardinals training camp in Flagstaff is not likely to begin this week.

For me, it puts a crimp in my plans, as I have reservations starting Saturday and wanted to be able to stay a few days before my real job expects me to report back next Thursday. If it does not start until Monday or Tuesday, it means very little Cardinals camp for me.

At least it will mean football is back, and that is the important thing in the end.