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Video Of The Day: Larry Fitzgerald Career Highlights

For todays video, here is a look at some highlights from Larry Fitzgerald's career with the Cardinals. A ton of great plays are featured in this video, most of them are from 08, 09, 10, but there are still a few from most of his other seasons in the desert.

Fitz has seen this video too, he posted it on his twitter page.

I'd also like to mention something about the music in here. Instead of just one song, the guy who made this video used a remix from someone else on YouTube that mixed parts of various rap and rock songs and the instruments in the background are mostly rock stuff. There are some explicit lyrics, and I have a feeling that it is the kind of stuff most of the people here won't like, so if you want go find a different song on YouTube and have that play while you watch this video with the sound on mute.

And since it looks like we will have the new Quarterback by next Monday, the video I'm going to post there will be on whoever the new guy winds up being.

Ultimate Larry Fitzgerald Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2)