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NFL Lockout Over: NFLPA Approves Deal

It took forever, but it is official. In a tweet from Arizona Cardinals kicker and player representative Jay Feely, he confirms that the player reps have approved the deal recommended by the player executive council and ratified by 31 of  the 32 NFL owner. The NFL lockout is now over and football can commence as we all want. 

The player rep vote was unanimous. 

Beginning 10 Am ET tomorrow, teams can sign undrafted free agents and negotiate with and re-sign their own players. Players can go to team facilities once again.

On Wednesday, team will begin training camps. 10 teams will begin then, 10 on Thursday, 10 on Friday and two on Saturday. The Cardinals are listed as starting camp on Wednesday, but this does not mean Flagstaff yet. The team will announce later when they will be heading up north. 

Thursday will be when players can be released (say goodbye to Derek Anderson and Gerald Hayes at minimum) and Friday teams can start signing free agents. 

Are you ready? I am.