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Updated NFL Free Agency Rules And Schedule

OK. NFL free agency is about to start and so will the trades. The Arizona Cardinals are gearing up and hopefully are all set on their plans and strategies to make the team they way they want it. Who will be the next QB? Will Steve Breaston be signed? We are soon going to find out. 

Hit the jump for the latest in the NFL schedule for this week.

Today: NFL lockout ended. An official list of free agents has been released to the teams.

Tuesday: Teams can sign draft picks and undrafted free agents. Teams can trade for players beginning 7 AM Arizona time. Teams can negotiate with free agents, but not sign them.

Wednesday: Players can begin reporting to training camp. Cardinals will begin that day, but the Flagstaff schedule has not yet been released.

Thursday: Teams can release players. 

Friday: Teams can sign players.

An important note is that players that sign new contracts (as free agents or if traded and have contract reworked) cannot participate in physical practices until August 4. Rookies can begin immediately.